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An old saying came to mind upon my first listen to Suicidal Angels new album, Divide and Conquer: “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.”

There is no hiding Suicidal Angels‘ love for the first three Slayer albums; however, I’m not going to say this is an entirely bad thing, as I have an affection for those albums, too. These Greek thrashers know how to lay down some serious riffage, bringing their pit-inducing songs to life on what is by far their best release to date. While comparisons to Evile, Havok and Warbringer can be made to Suicidal Angels, much can be said for the revival of the thrash genre and those who are keeping this sound alive.

“Seed of Evil” is churning and riff-laden, with a chorus that stays in your head.  The musicianship exhibited here is outstanding, as is the mix on the album.  “Control the Twisted Mind” starts off with a classical intro, moves into an acoustic section, then turns the heat up and blazes forward in true thrashy fashion. “Pit of Snakes” is my favorite here with a chorus that slows into a chant. “Kneel to the Gun” follows similar suit, but the chunky, chugging riffs, and “White Wizard” is a culmination of all the formulas espoused on this album, forming the perfect outro.

As for my first statement about Slayer, the comparison can be heard on every song on Divide and Conquer. While it’s not original, it’s still awesome.

Divide and Conquer is out now on NoiseArt Records.

Rating: 4/5 Stars