Suffocation: “…Of The Dark Light” Album Review

Suffocation are a staple in the technical death metal world, a band by which most others in this genre are measured.  They truly have a different style and sound than anyone else.  Despite multiple line-up changes since 2013’s Pinnacle of Bedlam, Frank Mullen and Terrence Hobbs have recruited the perfect trio of new members to march on with the Suffocation sound and create a modern metal masterpiece with …Of The Dark Light!

“Clarity Through Deprivation” opens up with a frantic pace that announces that Suffocation are back with a vengeance. It’s brutal and the chorus is just fucking heavy. “The Warmth Within the Dark” continues the pummeling with some extremely cool guitar work intermingled with the verses. The chorus is a riff-fest and is Suffocation doing what they do best. “Your Last Breaths” picks the pace back up to that of an out-of-control freight train, and it mixes heavy-as-hell breakdowns into the frantic song structure. “Return to the Abyss” starts with some guttural noises, then goes right into a chugging and dizzying flurry of guitar. “Caught Between Two Worlds” is my favorite here, and it’s a bit slower while maintaining the heaviness. It is the perfect first song to play for someone just getting into the band.

Suffocation have created a legendary album here.  The production is flawless and the musicianship is unrivaled.

…Of The Dark Light is out June 9 on Nuclear Blast Records. Buy it here!

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