Album Review: Subtype Zero, “The Astral Awakening”

Subtype Zero, formerly known as Cringe until a legal challenge led to a name change, are delivering intense thrash metal out of Ohio. The Astral Awakening is their first full length since their formation in 2014, although they previously released an EP, Through the Mist, and a split with Crypt Rot. JB Van Der Wal (ex-Aborted, DOOL) mastered the album. The musicians are Lance Buckley (bass), Steve Buhl (guitar), Hector Rivera (vocals), Dalton Edwards (drums) and Alex Podmore (guitar). The artwork on The Astral Awakening was done by R Yudha Saputra (Vrugarthdoom) of Gatecreeper and Homewrecker fame. Now that we have introductions and history, on to the maelstrom of thrash that Subtype Zero bring to the table.

The Astral Awakening is a rather well- conceived and well-executed work with no frills. It delivers an immediate kick to the guts with “Blinded by Light” which is delivered with precision, speed, and violence. It is obvious that this work is held together with sheer enthusiasm. As the album continues, Subtype Zero erupt like a volcano. The Slayer-like riffs are quite palpable on “Unprecedented Salvation,” which is no surprise since they are the epitome of thrash metal kings. “Flesh Famine” tops my list with its bonesaw riffs and barbaric vocals that wedge into your senses.

The intensity, speed and extremity of The Astral Awakening are endearing to me, and I imagine Subtype Zero kick ass live.

The Astral Awakening is out August 24 on Seeing Red Records. Buy it here!

Subtype Zero - The Astral Awakening - Promo

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