Stillbirth: “Annihilation Of Mankind” Album Review


Stillbirth: “Annihilation Of Mankind” Album Review

Stillbirth are set to release Annihilation of Mankind via Unique Leader Records, and it truly is the epitome of why I love death metal.

Combining the blurring speed of grindcore and the bestial ferocity of death metal, this album attacks the listener with a cacophony of guitar riffing and punishing drumming. Featuring rich sound and diverse song structures, Annilation of Mankind boasts a traumatizing and unforgettable musical experience.

“Plague of Warfare” would be my choice as a standout track, and it is intense beyond description with its fire-breathing vocals, crushing drumming, and lethal guitar/bass assaults. It most certainly fits with the cover art as well. Listeners will gleefully wallow in the filth of such songs as “Fictional Entertainment” and “Psychological Manipulation.”

If you are privy to Cannibal Corpse or Decapitation, you will want to add Stillbirth‘s Annihilation of Mankind to your collection. Fucking brutal and badass.

Annihilation of Mankind is out August 31 on Unique Leader Records. Pre-order it here!

Stillbirth - Promo - 2018

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