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Steve Radeski Tells His "Iron Maiden Saved My Life" Story!

Steve Radeski Tells His "Iron Maiden Saved My Life" Story!

Steve Radeski Tells His "Iron Maiden Saved My Life" Story!

Iron Maiden is a band that can do no wrong. Whether it’s their albums, live shows, or anything else they become a part of, you know it going to be impactful in some way. Even their t-shirts save lives. Seriously, that’s Steve Radeski‘s story, and what a tale it is. Steve recently spoke to The Advertiser about his life changing moment, and it’s too cool not to share. In August of 2014, he was involved in a horrific motorcycle accident, and had only minutes to live. As he says in the article, “There was no one around and a returned soldier from Afghanistan turned up after he heard the accident. My leg had come off totally and the bones were coming out of my hand. It was a compound fracture of the femur so that took the femoral artery out. I only had about six minutes to live and he came up after about four minutes and he was wearing a 1985 Iron Maiden tour shirt which he’d had since he was a kid. He was a tragic fan, but looked at me and realized that he would have to use it as a tourniquet which stemmed the blood flow until the helicopter arrived. Iron Maiden saved my life.

Pretty powerful stuff right? It only gets better. Steve wanted to repay Bill Gaythwaite for saving his life, so he asked the band for help, and being Iron Maiden, they did so in an awesome way. The band’s management got Steve a new shirt signed, plus a second one that he could later present it to Bill. They even sent a car to pick Radeski up and drive him to his front row seat at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre! Here’s what Steve said about the whole experience: “It is right up there with one of the best nights I have ever had — it means a lot to get to this point and it has just been overwhelming. It’s been a funny series of events today, who knew at 2pm that I’d end up in the front row at Iron Maiden. I just want to thank everyone who has helped along the way, it is a really, really good story.

Oh, and he still owns the bloody shirt too! To Bill, Steve, and Iron Maiden, thank you for being you.

Picture by Bianca De Marchi:


Story via The Advertiser