Steffen Kummerer Says Obscura Is Writing “Their Most Ambitious And Complex” Material Yet!


Obscura gave us the best news ever when they revealed that they were working on their new album earlier this year, and we have a new update for you today from the band! From the previous updates we know that “the album sees Obscura move a step further” and includes at fifteen minute long song that is the “most ambitious song in the history of the band.” If that’s not enough to excite you, here’s the latest!

Sebastian Lanser says, “It´s been almost a week since I was in the studio tracking drums for the new Obscura album. It was an awesome experience, a great time with lots of fun, inspiration and exhausting drum arrangements. The drums are sounding amazing and I am really satisfied with how the arrangements turned out. I think that the new album has a lot of Obscura´s original trademarks paired with some new elements I really like. Finding a word which fits the music is kind of hard but “richness” comes to my mind when thinking of the compositions, arrangements, instrumentation and last but not least craft!

Steffen Kummerer added: “Working with Jan Vacik and Dejan Djukovic at Dreamsound Studios, Munich was the right decision to improve the band’s overall sound in terms of dynamics and brightness. A large recording room and the analog tube mixing desk gives us more freedom during the mix and let the drums shine through with a warm and punchy sound they deserve. Within five days Sebastian nailed each song and tracked the most ambitious and complex material Obscura came up to this day.

WOW! The “most ambitious and complex materialObscura has ever done! My ears are ready! Stay tuned!



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