Static-X Live Photos from The Rave 2019


Static-X Live Photos from The Rave 2019

Static-X is currently on their second leg of the 20 Years of Wisconsin Death Trip tour. Having so much fun covering the first leg of the tour, I had to take the opportunity to shoot them again. How could I pass up the opportunity to shoot Static-X, playing Wisconsin Death Trip, in Wisconsin at The Rave/Eagles Club??

This time around, Static-X felt even tighter than before. I noticed that the monitors Xer0 was using in the first leg were gone, and there was definitely a clear sense of camaraderie between everyone (check the photo of Xer0 and Koichi back to back). Xer0 made a nice shout out to all the fans, and specifically the fans who saw the band way back in the day as support for Fear Factory. Thanks for the reminder that I’m getting old, Xer0.

I still say that it’s great to see Tony, Koichi, and Ken together again. Xer0 is continuing to do an amazing job at honoring the legacy of Wayne Static. Static-X continue to deliver high energy performances to their fans. It’s no surprise that they sold out The Rave/Eagles Club. It’s a Wisconsin thing.

Here’s the set list for the second leg of 20 Years of Wisconsin Death Trip

[Intro] December
1. Bled for Days
2. Wisconsin Death Trip
3. Fix
4. Sweat of the Bud
5. Love Dump
6. I Am
7. Otsegolation
8. The Trance is the Motion
[Intro] Bien Venidos
9. Get to the Gone
10. Black and White
11. This Is Not
12. Destroy All
13. Start a War
14. Behemoth
15. Cold
16. I’m With Stupid
17. Push It
[Outro] Stem

Honestly, I hope the band continues to tour after the release of Project Regeneration. I would definitely see them again. If you didn’t get a chance to catch Static-X on tour, or if they’re coming to your town and you want a preview of things to come, check out the gallery below.