Static-X Live Photos from The Apollo A.C. 2019


Static-X Live Photos from The Apollo A.C. 2019

I have been a fan of Static-X since I first saw them open for Fear Factory back in 1999. Wayne Static came out on stage and my friend goes, “Look, it’s the Slim Jim guy!” I laughed. Then Static-X started playing, and I replaced that laughter with fanatic screaming as my ears greatly enjoyed the aural assault that they were experiencing.

Static-X had a successful career up to their breakup in 2013. Even in the event of breakups, fans of bands always remain hopeful that some time off will reignite passions and bands will reform (At The Gates and Carcass come to mind). Sadly, the hopes of a Static-X reunion were cut short with the untimely passing of Wayne Static on November 1, 2014.

Or so we thought.

Seemingly out of the blue, Tony Campos announced plans for the three original members of Static-X (including Koichi Fukuda and Ken Jay) to reunite and release a new Static-X album called, “Project Regeneration“. The new album will include previously unreleased tracks with Wayne Static’s vocals and include guest vocals by other artists. (It has since been revealed that there are much more vocal tracks than previously expected, so the final number of guest vocalists remains to be determined.) Campos also announced that an unnamed vocalist, wearing a mask representing a decomposing Wayne Static, would be touring with the band in support of Project Regeneration. The unnamed vocalist is officially known as, “Xer0” (who is widely rumored to be Dope frontman, Edsel Dope).

While the Project Regeneration album is currently being finished, Static-X launched a tour to commemorate the 20th anniversary of their debut album “Wisconsin Death Trip“. This tour features all three original members of Static-X with Xer0 on vocals. This tour also features DevilDriver, Dope, Wednesday 13, and Raven Black as support. I picked up tickets, put in for a photo pass, and off I went to see the current incarnation of Static-X perform at The Apollo Theatre AC in Belvidere, IL.

The lights dropped and the opening track, “December“, started playing. During the track, the giant LED board behind the drum set started filling out with the band name. After the band name was filled out, images of Wayne, Tony, Koichi, and Ken started flashing up on the board. The cheering from the crowd when images of Wayne appeared was quite emotional. As the song ended, Ken, Tony, and Koichi came out on stage – followed by Xer0. The crowd went insane with deafening cheering, then the opening sample of, “Bled For Days” started and the show was officially kicked off!

I can say with certainty, that Static-X sounds as tight as ever. Xer0, whoever he is, seems to be a perfect fit in the band, and does justice to Wayne’s stage presence and vocals. As the show went on, the crowd matched the intensity of the band as Static-X ripped through their setlist. By the time the show was over, I remembered why I fell in love with Static-X so many years ago. They are unique, they kick total ass, and I couldn’t care less who Xer0 is.

This tour to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Wisconsin Death Trip and honor Wayne Static’s memory was extremely well done. Thank you Tony, Koichi, Ken, and Xer0 for making it possible to see this great band one more time.

Static-X Setlist
(Intro) December
1. Bled for Days
2. Wisconsin Death Trip
3. Fix
4. Sweat of the Bud
5. Love Dump
6. I Am
7. Otsegolation
8. The Trance is the Motion
(Intro) Bien Venidos
9. Get to the Gone
10. Black and White
11. This Is Not
12. Destroy All
13. Start A War
14. Behemoth
15. Cold
16. I’m With Stupid
17. Push It
(Outro) Stem