Spreading The Disease: "Viral" Album Review By King Rhino!

I am totally digging this EP by Spreading the Disease, the young metal madmen from across the big pond in Kent, England. Even though it is only a four-song release, Viral crams a whole shitload of riffs, screams, beats, anger and angst into it’s short running time. This must explain why I’ve just been leaving it on repeat and letting it loop over and over again. It is that fucking good.

These strapping young lads wear their influences on their sleeves proudly. It is quite evident on tracks like “F.U.C.K.U.” and “Bulldozer” that they have spent their formative years listening to some powerful and definitive metal bands. They have taken what they learned and made it their own. I can honestly say that after this taste of Spreading the Disease, I will anxiously await a visit to the United States to tour and a full album release.

Viral is self-released and out now. Buy it here!

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