Spreading the Disease: “Mindcell” EP Review


Spreading the Disease: “Mindcell” EP Review

Que pasa, all you headbanging heavy metal heathens! Welcome to another entry in the SkullsnBones/Steel Panther search for the coolest of the cruel, the badassest of the bitches, the fucking furious of the fantastic … Spreading the Disease!

Disclaimer: I have been championing and following and reviewing this band for over three years. So, yeah, King Rhino is a fucking fan of Spreading the Disease.

So, let’s look at their new EP, Mindcell. What’s interesting is that since this record was recorded, the band has gone through a major personnel change. Meaning, from here on in, it’s going to be a whole new group aside from the one consistent member, bassist Steve Saunders. This means that while we don’t know exactly what the future sound could mean for Spreading the Disease, I will venture to guess that with Saunders as the brains behind the band, they will be absolute monsters. He knows what he’s doing, and I am certain he will bring some young blood into the fold to carry on the dream.

Mindcell is incredible. With only five songs it is a scorcher of a record. Songs like “Voices,” “The Anger Inside” and “Obsession” are all major rippers. The EP hits the ground running and never slows down for a single second. I know Brother Jamie will include the videos for “Voices” and “The Anger Inside” so you can judge for yourselves.

Do we have any idea what Spreading The Disease will look like or sound like in the future? No, but I am putting my faith in Steve Saunders to continue to carry on the vision and sound of the band, even if it means with an almost completely new lineup. But, that’s the beauty of rock and roll – having no fucking idea what the fucking future fucking holds. So, help me keep spreading the love for Spreading The Disease!

Mindcell is out now. Buy it here!

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