Spreading The Disease: The World Changed With COVID-19


Spreading The Disease: The World Changed With COVID-19

Over the last 10 days, the world changed.

What we knew as being humans – communicating, shaking hands, hugging – has become taboo. Venues are empty, festivals are cancelled, restaurants and bars are closed, and my fellow Earthlings are bracing for the imminent economic impacts of a global shutdown.

And all due to a flu-like virus with a name that recalls a good beer-buzz on a Carribean island.

Some shows are being rescheduled in a manner that is cautiously optimistic. Black Label Society have moved their tour dates with Obituary and Lord Dying to August (read about it here). Others, like the Devastation on the Nation tour with Rotting Christ, Borknagar, Abigail Williams, and Wolfheart, have moved their dates to 2021 (check out the new dates here).

But not only is there an inconvenience to bands and fans with regard to performances, but the virus is hitting prominent members of the metal community, like Testament’s Chuck Bill and Death Angel’s Will Carroll. Others will surely get and overcome the virus before all is said and done, and our thoughts are with those fighting it in hopes that they survive the fight.

For horror movie lovers, it is difficult not to think of plague-filled narratives like Night of the Comet, 28 Days, 12 Monkeys and Contagion. Musically, Anthrax‘s Spreading the Disease is perpetually turned up to 11, and Cattle Decapitation’s ongoing predictions about the world’s impending wrath on humans is ringing true.

So what do we do now. Here, at SkullsNBones.com, we are blasting the heaviest metal we can find, we are making upgrades to the site, and we are making plans for a future where there is no sickness and no panic (yes, we are going to Vegas).

We are going to make it through, together. Take care of yourselves and your loved ones. Listen to metal. Follow SkullsNBones.