Spreading The Disease: Cabin Fever Is Here


Spreading The Disease: Cabin Fever Is Here

Cabin fever is officially here.

And I am fucking tired of being alone. Tired of being tired of being alone. FML.

With much of the world on lockdown due to coronavirus, the walls of my lonely apartment feel like they are closing in on me. It doesn’t help that the TV and radio are blaring ominous reports that may (or may not) be exaggerating the situation to the point of panic.

On the brighter side, the metal world is moving along with new releases, although there are exceptions. Nergal’s Me and the Man project released New Man, New Songs, Same Shit, Vol.1 today, and Testament will release a beast of an album, entitled Titans of Creation, on April 1. Unfortunately, the much-anticipated new release from Enslaved, Utgard, has been moved to the fall due to the coronavirus situation.

Some of the more high profile metallers with COVID-19 are also recovering. The word on the street is that Death Angel‘s Will Caroll is recovering nicely, and Testament‘s Chuck Billy reports that his condiction is improving. Exodus‘ Gary Holt and his wife Lisa are reported to be on the mend as well.

These are wild times, indeed. It’s like being in a movie on repeat, and the storyline is boring as shit. Or at least mine is. I want chicken wings at a restaurant. I want a beer buzz at a bar. I want to go to the skate park and fall around like only a 43-year-old has-been can. I want to see a show. I am melting down.

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