Out of St. Louis, Missouri, comes the latest slab of stoner, fuzz, doomish metal, Launch Sequence by Spacetrucker. For fans of the Melvins, Kyuss and Sleep, this record will be right up your distorted alley.

Clocking in at barely 27 minutes, technically Launch Sequence should be considered an EP. But don’t think it isn’t crammed full of some killer tunes with the grunge sound factor turned up to 10. Though Spacetrucker are just a three-piece ensemble, they get the sound of a band with a lot more guys in it.

Obviously, in any stoner band, the guitar playing takes place front and center, since it’s always all about that big chainsaw buzz that can be gotten out of those six strings. But, don’t be fooled; the drums here snap and crack like pistol shots with a bass throb that will make your naughty bits tingle excitedly throughout.

You just have to chuckle at a record that starts off with a track entitled “New Pubes.” “Old Flower” has a distinctive Queens of the Stone Age feel to it, and it’s quite possibly one of the best songs Josh Homme never wrote. Other standout cuts include “Sleeper,” “Trenchfoot” and “Giza.”

I definitely give two thumbs and suggest you check out Spacetrucker and Launch Sequence. You can never have enough distorted wah-wah in your life.

Launch Sequence is self-released and out now. Buy it here!


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