Last week we heard that the new Cavalera Conspiracy record would be their fastest and heaviest record yet. With the two Cavalera brothers behind the music, how could you not believe them? They never disappoint! Before we hear any new music from them, Soulfly is bringing their powerful live show to our friends across the pond, and Igor decided to join them at their recent show in London. If you know anything about the history of metal, you can guess what awesome thing happened next! The two legends performed Cavalera Conspiracy‘s “Sanctuary” and Sepultura‘s “Troops of Doom” for the lucky fans in attendance! I would have lost my mind! Thank the metal Gods that YouTube is a thing, and we can watch fan footage of the historic performance below! Turn it up!

Here’s classic footage of “Troops Of Doom” from 1991, because it never gets old watching old Sepultura clips!



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