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Soul Remnants: “Ouroboros” Album Review


Soul Remnants: “Ouroboros” Album Review

Who knew Boston could produce a band like Soul Remnants? Listening to their newest album, Ouroboros, I find it hard to believe that Beantown could give birth to such sinewy and mind-ripping death metal like this!

Formed almost 15 years ago, Soul Remnants are doing something you don’t hear many death metal bands in America doing … playing death metal the way it is supposed to be played, gosh-darnit! Ouroboros is a jackhammer of a metal record. The songs hit you so hard, so fast, and with such precision it’s mind-blowing that they’re not freakin’ Scandanavian. Man, I’m exhausted just listening to this thing. I can’t imagine how tired these guys must get actually playing these songs.

Check out “Depravity’s Lock,” “Mental Tourniquet,” and “False Kingdom of Prophecy.” Then check out Soul Remnants if they play anywhere near you.

Ouroboros is out July 21 on eOne Music / Lifeblood Inc. Pre-order it here!

Soul Remnants - Ouroboros Promo