Sorxe: “Matter & Void” Album Review


Sorxe: “Matter & Void” Album Review

Any band that name drops Swans, Melvins, and Pink Floyd in their press release is immediately going to grab my attention. So, I was stoked to hear the latest from Sorxe, Matter & Void, out of Phoenix, Arizona. I can assure you that these guys definitely wear those three influences on their sleeves and it is audible in their songs. Heavy, sludgy, trippy; there’s definitely a Southwestern influence on this album.

Within the six tracks on Matter & Void, the listener is ground beneath thunderous rifts and doom-laden bass and drums. This is one of those albums that sucks you in and then proceeds to chew up your ears and soul until you are left a puddle of human metal goo. And, I totally mean that in a good way. The songwriting is stellar, and Sorxe know how to craft a great tune and then execute it. I can’t imagine how badasse these boys are live performing these songs. Faves include “Hypnotizer”, “Blackwater” and “Eastern Transmission.”

Matter & Void is out now on Prosthetic Records. Buy it here!

Sorxe - Promo - 2017