Solus Deus: “The Bloodtrail” Review by Jason Zins!

Solus Deus are not for the faint of heart, and The Bloodtrail is brutality at it’s best! They take elements of djent and deathcore, and they lay down some serious grooves.

Rocky Gray (Evanescence), Austin D’Amond (Chimaira), and Wayne Miller (Bleed the Sky) have formed a supergroup playing “Thug Metal,” and they are joined by vocalist Jey Collins and bassist Tony Aiello. Collins’ vocals are dark, and he bridges the heavy, groove-laden metal and the crunching, heavy-as-hell riffs inhabiting this release.

“Thug Metal” opens the EP with a slower pace that is interlaced with biting riffs and Collins’ vicious vocals. Gray’s guitar work on this song is stellar. The title track steps up the momentum, but it never leaves the heavy groove far behind. “Ride or Die” is straight-for-the-jugular metal, and D’Amond’s drumming here is killer. “Horror of Nothingness” has a Meshuggah feel to it in the verse, but all hell breaks loose during the chorus. “Punishment,” my favorite here, combines all of the elements Solus Deus have previously featured, but its the chorus that will stick in your head. “Survival of a Warrior” ends the EP with reckless abandon.

Solus Deus are an example of the possibilities at hand when musicians of various backgrounds experiment with heavy music. The Bloodtrail clocks in at around 20 minutes, and it leaves you thirsting for more.

The Bloodtrail is self released and is available on CD Baby and Itunes.

Rating: 4/5 Stars

solus deus_the bloodtrail


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