Sólstafir: “Lágnætti” Video Released!

2014 has been full of amazing releases from week to week, and one that still blows my mind is the latest from Sólstafir. Considering the success and admiration of 2011’s “Svartir Sandar,” they knew their fifth full length album had to be something special, and they have exceeded all expectations. “Ótta” is a masterful combination of powerful lyrics, exceptional song composition, and an all encompassing vibe unlike anything I’ve heard in a while. They are legendary for putting all emotions into their music, and this might be their finest moment yet. After almost twenty years, these guys continue to get it right, and push themselves to levels I never thought was possible for them. For more proof of the pure power of this album, watch the new clip for “Lágnætti” below! It’s the best ten minutes of your day already! Enjoy!


Via Metal Hammer

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