Sol De Sangre - ST - Cover

Out of Colombia comes the self-titled album by Sol de Sangre. Or, Blood Sun. And, once again, we learn that no one does death metal like South Americans.

Sol de Sangre is an assripper in the best possible way. Even if you don’t speak Spanish, you get the gist. Imagine Sepultura turned up to 11. The musicianship on this record is absolutely top-notch. Screaming guitars tear through you while the bottom end kicks you in the ass, track after track.

Death metalheads, rejoice! The genre is not dead! (Pun intended!) Pick up Sol de Sangre and be prepared to break your motherfucking necks headbanging along to it.

Sol de Sangre is out now on Black Market Metal. Buy it here!

Sol de Sangre - Promo - 2018


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