Sojourner: “Perennial” EP Review


Sojourner: “Perennial” EP Review

It’s always good to venture out to realms unknown, and while atmospheric black metal is not a genre that I visit often, Sojourner is always enjoyable.

On Perennial, Sojourner mix a richly conceived slab of black metal with hints of folk and epic, and with the addition of female vocalist Lucia Amelia Emmanueli, the result is melancholic, majestic, and above all, dark. Her crystalline vocals add a new symphonic dimension that perfectly compliments vocalist Emilio Crespo. The title track on side A has a haunting blend of piano and flute to open the song, then it smoothly leads to their melodious, beautifully constructed black metal. It unravels more and more layers the more you listen to it. The B side features “Relics of the Natural Realm,” and despite its soothing, smooth melodies, there is a natural rawness supplemented by forlorn harmonies in a rather stripped-back vibe. 

Although it is only two tracks, Perennial seamlessly evokes every mood to create a truly dense and relentless listen.

Perennial is out now on Napalm Records. Buy it here!

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