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Swedish metal titans, Soilwork, will be releasing their new album, “The Living Infinite“, in North America on March 5th via Nuclear Blast Records. Now I am always happy to hear new music from these guys, but after my interview with Björn “Speed” Strid and David Andersson on the Barge To Hell, I was more excited than ever to hear this record! After many listens in the past week, this CD goes beyond all of my expectations! Take everything you’ve ever loved from previous Soilwork releases, and you have them all on “The Living Infinite!”

If there is any one song to listen to for a good grasp of what to expect from this album, it’s the opener, “Spectrum Of Eternity.” From the violins to the blast beats, to the thrashy verse riff, to the catchy chorus, this is Soilwork at their finest. You truly hear the band mastering their craft in your ears and it’s a special thing.

As the record plays on, you hear amazing tracks like “This Momentary Bliss,” “Let The First Wave Ride,” “Realm Of The Wasted” and “Leech” that will have you thrashing out of your mind.  Then there are those songs like “The Living Infinite I and II,” “Vesta” and “Owls Predict Oracles Stand Guard” that will hit your heart with a vicious force.

The whole record is a total assault on your emotions and pretty fucking impressive if you ask me. It is quite obvious that this band knows their sound, how to embrace it and improve on it.  It’s not a surprise that they’ve been as successful as they have been since 1995. Hell, they even throw an instrumental track on this record and it fits in with perfection! In other words, Soilwork has put together one of the most solid releases of the year so far and I highly suggest that you check it out!

Of course there will be those people who will say that all Soilwork sounds the same, but if you really listen to it, you can hear the maturity of this record and the improvement on all the little things that they may not have perfected in the past. For a band to come out with a double record these days, you have to know you have something good for the fans. The more and more I listen to this “The Living Infinite,” they have done just that. It’s such a massive album that it could have been a triple disc, and I would still have been this happy. Well played Soilwork…well played.

Don’t forget to catch Soilwork on their massive North American tour starting next month with Jeff Loomis, Blackguard, The Browning, and Wretched! New material will be played! Get stoked!

Rating: 4/5

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