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Soilwork: "Death Resonance" Album Review

They should be huuuuuge!

Soilwork: "Death Resonance" Album Review

What can one say about Soilwork other than that they should be a hell of a lot more famous? These melodic Swedish death metallers have been releasing quality albums for years and doing the roadwork to support them day in and day out. So, what the frak, heavy metal listeners? Why have you not caught on to what a great band this is and made them superstars? Cripes, you have to be doing something right when Dave Mustaine steals your drummer, right?

Anyway, with the release of the “rarities” collection, Death Resonance, we can hear in one release what a spectacular canon of songs Soilwork have put out over the course of their career. From tracks like “Helsinki,” “My Nerves,” “Your Everyday Tool,” and the title track, the listener is exposed to some of the sharpest playing and vocals in the metal world today. Granted, this style of metal has never been huge in the United States like it is Europe, but with the quality they bring to the table, they should be selling out big venues every time they play. (And, to all my old cronies in New Jersey, catch Soilwork at the Stanhope House on October 15th! That’s right, The Stanhope House!)

Check out Death Resonance. Check out Soilwork. And, if you have the chance, see them on tour in the next few months!!

Death Resonance is out now on Nuclear Blast Records. Buy it here!

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