How the fuck have I never heard anything about this band before?

OK, now that I’ve gotten that off my chest … Soen‘s latest album, Lykaia, is un-freaking-believable. My God, this album should show up on every top 10 metal albums of 2017 when December comes.

Where to begin? Majestic. Intense. Progressive. Soaring. Spiritual. Enlightening. Empowering. Lykaia is simply a spectacular release from this band. The songwriting and production just fit perfectly with one another, and the musicianship is of the highest caliber. Imagine if Tool were a European band, then add some killer Yes, Pink Floyd and Genesis influences, and that pretty much describes Soen.

For me, the absolute standout track on this album has to be “Lucidity,” a breathtaking song that should be a freaking major hit on radio stations everywhere. They just don’t write incredible songs like this any more. To be honest, there isn’t a weak track on Lykaia. It is a winner from beginning to the end and then back again.

Please, little baby Jeebus, let Soen tour ‘Murica!

Lykaia is out now on UDR Music. Buy it here!

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