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Sodom: "Decision Day" Album Review

At the top of their game!

Sodom: "Decision Day" Album Review

The mighty German thrash trio Sodom have established their place in the history of metal over the last 30-plus years by playing their uncompromising music in a style that resembles a tank running you over. While they have evolved and changed a bit over these years, they have never lost the ability to deliver heavy, blistering music. Every one of their albums is good, and I think with the upcoming release of Decision Day, they may have one of their best releases to date! The riffs are razor-wire sharp, and they cover every metal topic there is today, from canned hunting to war and evil. The cover art, which I rarely mention in reviews, is also absolutely stunning.

“In Retribution” opens the album in a blaze of thrash glory! Its razor-sharp riffs and pummeling drums leave nothing to be desired here. The chorus is dark and heavy. Frontman, guitarist and vocalist Tom Angelripper actually sounds possessed! “Rolling Thunder” has a definite Sodom thunder to it. It rings of the old Sodom, but it doesn’t sound dated. The title track has a more melodic feel to it, and the chorus with its gang vocals and the mid-section guitar solo are killer. “Caligula” is a bit more melodic than the predecessors, but it doesn’t lose any of the punch. The verse and the chorus both have catchy hooks that will stick with you for days. “Who Is God?” is fucking brutal! It’s fast, furious and never relinquishes until the very end. Angelripper’s vocals are, once again, spot on. “Strange Lost World” slows things down a bit, but the slithering, writhing, evil riffs are ever present. The guitar solo has a Middle Eastern feel to it, to go on with the vibe of the verses. “Vaginal Born Evil” is a neck-wrecker at its finest with a blistering pace that, combined with sneering vocals and a sing-along chorus, is custom made for live shows.” Blood Lions” follows a similar suit, but it harnesses a bit more aggression in a very ’80s Exodus  feel. “Refused To Die” has that epic metal feel to it and is the perfect outro to the album. It just has everything a great thrash metal song should contain, from the aforementioned riffs to chugging breaks and a blistering fast pace.

Sodom have absolutely outdone their previous release, Epitome of Torture, and have one of their best releases with Decision Day. It is a modern day thrash masterpiece.

Decision Day is out August 26 on Steamhammer/SPV Records. Pre-order it here!

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Sodom - Decision Day