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When it comes to Slough Feg, I’ve come to expect the unexpected. They’re one of the few bands that mixes folk elements into a traditionally heavy sound, rather than death or black metal. Since they’re from outside Europe, you won’t hear any delicate woodwinds or bagpipes or anything — the folk comes through in the clean vocals, melodies, and rhythms. If you’re into the kind of thrash folk grooves that Slough Feg are known for, you’re in for a treat.


The album starts out with the pirate-folkish “Analogue Avengers/Bertrand Russell’s Sex Den” and goes right into a NWOBHM-esque groove that lasts throughout. I am not complaining about the groove, I like the groove, I just…wondered where all the folk went. “Analogue” is a rousing (if cheesy) tune that sounds like the beginning of an adventure, and the adventure never comes. It’s like the protagonist of this imaginary story was gearing up for a quest and then decided to stay home and smoke a bunch of weed instead. There’s nothing wrong with staying home and smoking weed, but, like, we got all showered and dressed up and everything! “Magic Hooligan” almost gets us off the couch again, but “Ghastly Appendage” sits us back down.

It might not sound like I liked Digital Resistance, but I do. Stylistically, it doesn’t seem to make much sense to begin an album with “Analogue” and end it with another fun melodic tune like “Warrior’s Dusk,” but I still enjoyed all the heaviness in-between. Digital Resistance is a lowlight-free, if poorly organized, album, and each track has its own charms. It may be a bit wayward, but it’s good fun. (7.5 / 10)

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