Jim Root needs our help! The Slipknot guitarist had one of his custom Fender guitars stolen from the band’s jam room in Portland, Oregon last night! Here’s what he said on Instagram: “This was just stolen from our jam room at the Memorial Coliseum in Portland. While we were on stage. Fucking thieves. Nothing worse.

His long time girlfriend, Cristina Scabbia of Lacuna Coil, had this to say: “THIEF ALERT!!!!! Dear coilers, maggots,friends around the globe.Someone stole this guitar from the Slipknot rehearsal room while they were on stage tonight at the Memorial Coliseum Portland. It is a FENDER guitar, SATIN SILVER WITH A PATINA COPPER PICK GUARD, the same one that is in this picture. Serial number: US11278640 Please share share share this post as much as you can, keep an eye around the city and internet and help us find @stuperbee ‘s guitar and whoever stole it (or simply take it back) ! If you’re a real fan I can understand you want to have something that belongs to your idol… But that’s the wrong way to do it and it is depriving another person of something that might means memories and something more than an “item”! If whoever got this guitar is reading this PLEASE take it back or send me a private message! We can all do something stupid and taking it back is what can bring a lot of honor back to you. From zero to hero! Think about it and be a man. If you have infos send me a pm here or please tag #huntfor4 so it’s easier to keep an eye on the posts on Instagram. Thank you all!!!

I totally agree with Cristina. This is the wrong way to own something from your idol. This is classless, dirty, and wrong in every way. Let’s hope these images get to the right people, and Jim’s guitar is returned to it’s rightful place! Spread the word!


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