Ever since SkullsNBones posted about Dave Lombardo being kicked off of Slayer‘s upcoming Australia tour (yes, I just did that, we posted it at 2am today), the metal world has been brooding.  With the update to their Wikipedia page showing that Lombardo is no longer in the band, it pretty much seals the deal on this era of Slayer. (UPDATE: It’s been switched back- Damn you crowd-sourcing encyclopedia!)

There are still a lot of unanswered questions about this whole situation.  That said, the detail in which Lombardo described what happened is pretty deep and the content is severely damning to the band’s image.  The fans are pissed off to say the least, and the anger is directed at one man; Kerry King.

It’s obvious that most of the anger is directed where Dave Lombardo pointed his finger, and justifiably so if what he described went down is in fact the truth.  Time will tell on how this unfolds, but the fact that Dave was willing to go so public about the situation shows that he’s definitely pissed off about how the shit went down.

Bands come and go all the time.  Band members change and groups evolve to exist or they fizzle away.  Slayer is a group that is no stranger to this evolution, but never before has there been such controversy around the reason for the change.  Can we even describe this as an evolution?

I don’t think so.  This is equally as messy as Metallica kicking out Megadave, or almost anything Axl Rose has done.  We’ll see how it goes, but if the fault is truly on Kerry King, this was a pretty bad move on his part.

Dave Lombardo is clearly someone the fans love in the band.  So much so that fans are publicly renouncing their ‘fandom’ for the band until he is reinstated in the group.  I doubt at this point that you’d see that happen given that he knew the implications of going public.  I am on the side of a couple of smart fans who are demanding a statement from King or just any word from the Slayer camp at all about this situation.  I’m staring at my press box intently, haha.

One thing is for sure- we’re all on edge about this.  I don’t care what show you go to, you’ll find people in Slayer shirts, you’ll hear people screaming, “Slayer!!!”  Hell, anyplace they’ll allow you, there will be Slayer flags flying from long poles in the audience.  Slayer isn’t just a band to the Metal world, it’s a piece of Metal legacy.

I can tell you personally that I hate seeing my fellow metalheads in such disarray.  There are a lot of moments in time we remember;  listening to our first metal album, seeing our first metal band… seeing SLAYER for the first time. I’m really hoping that this won’t be a dark mark on the legacy of Slayer… though my gut tells me that’s inevitable, and it pisses us all off because Slayer is one of the greats.

There are a few dooms-dayers out there claiming this is the end of Slayer.  I don’t think so, though only time will tell.  My thought is that they will continue, and people will still go see them even without Lombardo.  It’s disappointing that he’s out, but it’s still Tom on the mic and Kerry on the guitar.  There’s no denying the legendary status of these guys.

So where do we actually wind up?  The band may or may not have taken Lombardo out of the picture entirely, but Dave has clearly reacted as though that is the case.  This is definitely the end of their relationship.

The fans have stated their piece.  This is indeed, a dark day for metal.