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Last week the metal world was shocked and saddened upon hearing about the sudden death of Slayer guitarist, Jeff Hanneman at the age of 49. While Jeff had been dealing with some on-going health issues for the past few years, it was announced today that Jeff died from alcohol related cirrhosis.

To honor their fallen brother, Slayer has announced that they are working on a celebration of Jeff’s life with his family and friends that will be open to the public later this month. Tom Araya and Kerry King recounted some of the great memories they had with Jeff:

KERRY:  “I had so many great times with Jeff… in the early days when we were out on the road, he and I were the night owls, we would stay up all night on the bus, just hanging out, talking, watching movies… World War II movies, horror movies, we watched “Full Metal Jacket” so many times, we could practically recite all of the dialogue.”

TOM:  “When we first formed Slayer, we used to rehearse all the time, religiously, 24/7.  Jeff and I spent a lot of time hanging out together, he lived in my father’s garage which was also our rehearsal space.  When he got his own apartment, he had an 8-track and I would go there to record songs I’d written, not Slayer songs, other stuff I’d written.  At a certain point, you still have the band but you start your own lives outside of the band, so that 24/7 falls to the side, you don’t spend as much time together as you once did.  I miss those early days.”

KERRY:  “He was a gigantic World War II buff, his father served in that war, so when Slayer played Russia for the first time – I think it was 1998 – Jeff and I went to one of Moscow’s military museums.  I’ll never forget him walking around that place, looking at all of the tanks, weapons and other exhibits.  He was like a kid on Christmas morning.  But that was Jeff’s thing, he knew so much about WW II history, he could have taught it in school.”

TOM:  “We were in New York recording South of Heaven.  Jeff and I were at the hotel and we had to get to the studio – I think it was called Chung King, a real rundown place.  So we left the hotel and decided to walk, but then it started raining.  We walked maybe five blocks, and it was raining so hard, we were totally soaked, so we decided to get a cab.  Here we are, two dudes with long hair and leather jackets, absolutely soaked, thumbing to the studio.  No one would stop.  We had to walk the entire way.”

TOM:  “Jeff was a lifeline of Slayer, he wrote so many of the songs that the band will always be known for.  He had a good heart, he was a good guy.”

We will keep you posted as more information is announced.

Rest in Peace Jeff!