Norway’s Slagmaur have just released one of the most interesting and intense metal albums of the year. Thill Smitts Terror is a collection of children’s fairy tales and fables set to a soundtrack of orchestral horror and brilliance. In other words, play this before bedtime and you won’t sleep a wink all night.

For starters, go to YouTube and check out some videos of Slagmaur live. They make Ghost, King Diamond, and Watain shows look like Maroon Five at the Oshkosh County Fair. Jesus, I’m a huge Rammstein fan, and Slagmaur onstage blew me away.

Thill Smitts Terror comes at you like an aural anthology of jumpscares set to music. All eight of these tracks flow endlessly into each other, slowly building the fright and paranoia. Even without speaking Norwegian, I still get the gist of these songs.

I wholeheartedly suggest you do yourselves a favor and check out Slagmaur, their videos, and the new album.

Thill Smitts Terror is out now on Osmose Productions. Buy it here!



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