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SkullsNBones Logo Contest

Calling all designers! is going through some visual and functional changes. After 14 years in business it’s time to evolve our beautiful logo. 

The current logo is a mashup of different skulls co-founder Jason Lekberg found scouring Google Image search when we first opened shop back in 2006. It is a visual representation of a decade and a half of amazing contributions from more than 50 volunteers.

Next year we’ll turn 15, and we’re building all new features and functionalities to celebrate. And to go along with it, we’re going to refresh the brand.

SkullsNBones Logo, created 2006 by Jason Lekberg

What do you win?

You mean besides glory?

SkullsNBones is an all-volunteer website that doesn’t make any money. We’re not a company, just a group of metalheads who do what we can to help the scene. That said, we do have some incentives for you to use your talents to create a logo for us.

1. We’ll put you on blast.

When we announce finalists it will go along with your name and a link to your portfolio, facebook page, pornhub page, or wherever you decide. The winner will have their name permanently associated with the SkullsNBones legacy, and that means something to us. We’ll also share your info on our social accounts if you’d like us to, and we’ll discuss this directly with the winner.

2. You’ll get some new gear.

We’re going to print some tee shirts and hoodies with the new logo, and we’ll make sure you get your hands on one of each!

3. Guest post on SkullsNBones.

Got a band you think people should know about? Want to talk about designing for the metal music industry? We’ll invite you to create a post all your own on a topic of your choosing and we’ll share it with our network!

SkullsNBones logo requirements

Where we use the logo

We use our logo in a lot of places. Watermarks on pictures, the header of the website, the favicon, in our emails, on tee shirts and hoodies, and we’re planning to do a lot more with it in the future.

Behemoth Live Photos From Tuska Open Air Metal Festival 2019
Logo placement on a photo


We’ll need the logo to be an SVG first and foremost. We’ll use it mostly as a png but we need the flexibility of the SVG format. The dimensions will need to be even like a square, or almost a square.

Look & Feel

The logo should be modern, representative of metal, and symbolizing the voice of SkullsNBones. It shouldn’t have gradients or a lot of different colors.

When we redesign the rest of the branding materials we may include 1 color, so if the logo is black and white, we may change black or white to a color.

It’s important that there isn’t too much detail. It’s easy to get carried away and we need to have the logo work in many different places. Simplicity wins over detail.

We actually love our old logo, it’s just dated. It’s why our example logos above are similar, and we don’t mind an evolution of the earlier design… but we’ll leave the creative part up to you.

Contest Rules

The full list of rules, terms and conditions is located HERE. The high-level version is as follows:

  1. Don’t be stupid. Any images you use to create the logo must be obtained legally and for commercial use without attribution. If you make something illegally, we can’t use it.
  2. Submissions must be in SVG format. 
  3. Please don’t include any religious or sexual symbolism. We’re happy to take a look at your nudes, but we can’t use them on the site, so it’s a wasted submission.
  4. There are two rounds to this contest. Round one will be where we post all qualifying logos to the site and allow the SkullsNBones community to share their voice by voting. In round two we will take the finalists and review them with the team running SkullsNBones to decide which one we feel best meets our needs. The number of finalists will be determined based on how many total submissions we get and how the voting goes. We’re thinking 10, but if 12 are looking good in the voting round then we’ll take 12 as finalists.
  5. Logos must be of a high quality. We appreciate that some of you might want to share your ideas but you may not have the skills to create what you envision. Please don’t make a submission if you aren’t able to make a quality SVG.
  6. You may submit as many entries as you want provided those entries are unique and not slight variations of the same logo. If you submit the same thing or something similar a bunch of times it doesn’t increase your chances of winning this contest – it only annoys the jury.

Important Dates:

  • The submission phase runs from March 23rd through April 24th 2020
  • The voting round will run from April 27th through May 8th
  • Finalists will be announced on May 11th
  • The winner will be announced on May 15th

How to enter

The time period for submissions is over!

Please stay tuned for the next round!