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SkullsNBones Is Looking For New Contributors!


SkullsNBones Is Looking For New Contributors!

What a week for SkullsNBones! Metal Mark is retiring from the site, Jamie Lee is stepping into the Managing Editor role, our Facebook page is 3k likes away from 200,000 and we shared a video showing you how to make your own Flamethrower Guitar!!  God Damn, can this week get any more intense? YES!

SkullsNBones is looking for some new volunteers to help support the scene by contributing to the site! We’re looking for newswriters, interviewers, columnists and reviewers, as well as a couple of team leads to help us organize and make the site even more of a reliable resource for music lovers!

If you have thought about blogging, writing metal news, doing reviews, interviewing bands or even something completely fresh and new, now’s your chance to get in with an established publication! Here’s a list of what we’re looking for. If you are interested, fill out the form at the bottom of the page!

News Editor
We are looking for motivated individuals who religiously follow bands, labels and all kinds of happenings within the scene to write up short news posts about what’s going on. We want those people who know how to find news and write it up with the right attitude. If you think you’ve got what it takes to be one of the trusted voices in the metal scene, ask us about how to get involved as a News Editor!

Senior News Editor
Think you’ve got what it takes to run a team of motivated news editors? Have experience aggregating information fast and spitting it back out even faster? Do you like being the one to tell the world about all kinds of crazy shit happening in the metal scenes from around the world? If so, you might just be what we’re looking for to run this wildly-important piece of SkullsNBones! Fill out the form and get in touch with us right away!

We’re looking for a few people who know how to do their research and come up with really good interview questions to help build our new team of interviewers. We have positions for people to do email interviews, phone interviews, in-person interviews or even video interviews if you have some on-screen talent to share with us! We want to cover a lot of new ground with interviews, so we’re looking for entry-level and for very-experienced interviewers to share their talents with us! If you’re interested in in-person or especially video interviews, you will need to live in a major city in the US or in Europe so we can help set them up! Let us know if you would like to work on the interviews team!

Album Reviewer
We already have a robust album reviews team and we’re looking to bolster the ranks with a few new contributors. Do you like listening to new music (before it comes out)? Are you able to analyze and critique records? Are you ready to be the a part of the opinion side of SkullsNBones? Let us know you’re interested in participating in the team that Jamie Lee built!

Contributing Editor / Columnist
SkullsNBones has always been and will always be about the scene. This includes giving the people in the scene a place to have a voice. We have an unlimited amount of space for talented writers who want to contribute original content for publication. If you have an ongoing topic, a theme for interacting with the metal scene in some way or a voice that needs a place to be expressed (on topic, of course) then let’s talk about how we can work together to make it happen!

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