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Skinless: “Savagery” Album Review


Skinless: “Savagery” Album Review

Brutal death metal can be a balm to cure any bad day. Pop the CD in or turn on Spotify, find a quiet highway, and just drive that sour day away.

Skinless was the saving grace one foul day as I indulged in their latest release, Savagery. The genre is not known for polite aesthetics, but it provides rather primitive instrumentation that will, at best, stab into your cerebral cortex and awaken your inner demons to dance with each other. Skinless have rightly accomplished this with their sixth studio album. Since 1992 they have been brandishing their brutality, and their album Savagery sums it up in that one word.

Their is nothing flowery in tracks such as “Cruel Blade of the Guillotine” or “Skull Session,” but life is not all peace and butterflies. Savagery reveals the serrated edges of the times we live in and the bowels of our darkest selves. Savagery is unforgivingly thrown in your face as each sound slices your senses. What some may avoid as an atrocity, some will embrace realizing the nature of the human beast.

Savagery is out now on Relapse Records. Buy it here!