Skinless Is In The Studio Recording “Serpenticide” Right Now!


Skinless Is In The Studio Recording “Serpenticide” Right Now!

HELL FUCKING YES! One of my favorite death metal acts of all time, Skinless, have revealed that they have entered the studio to record their long-awaited new album! Last year they revealed that they were coming back, and the annihilated the Northeast with shows to close out 2013, and they’ve now confirmed that the new material is coming in the Spring of 2015 via Relapse Records! The guys debuted the title track of the new album live, and you can check out footage of that below, as well as get excited, because according to Noah Carpenter, this is what we can expect: “Skinless is in the studio hammering out a new album. We can’t wait to get this out to the fans and hear some feedback. These songs have the Skinless heavy groove but we added guitar solos and some different elements to bring it to the next level. Basically we’re going to put the Progression, Foreshadowing and Trample albums into a blender, add some guitar solos and serve up the heaviest Skinless release yet.

GET FUCKING EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!