Skeleton Wolf: "Skeleton Wolf" Album Review By King Rhino!

On June, 10, do yourself a favor, and find and buy the new self-titled album from Skeleton Wolf. Why? First off, King Rhino has never steered you wrong. But, more importantly, because this is one hell of a band and one hell of an album. Years from now, when these guys are mega-ultra-metal-superstars, you will be able to say, “Yeah, brah, I have been listening to and loving these guys for years.”

Simply put, there isn’t one misstep on this record. From the songwriting to the playing to the production, these three guys have produced a release that I will happily include in my “Top 10 of 2016” list. Yeah, babies … it’s that’s friggin’ good. From the initial moments of the first track, “Bow Down To Death,” to the anthem for heterosexual metal men everywhere dubbed “She’s Insane,” Skeleton Wolf show they are a major force to be reckoned. King Rhino’s fave tracks have to be “M.P.F.F.” and “Whatever Demons (We All Have Them).” It’s amazing that in only seven tracks and about 40 minutes, the members of Skeleton Wolf show that they have the chops to hang with the big dogs in the metal community.

So, to Brett, Tim and Jeff, all I can say is this: Hit the road, you magnificent bastards of thrash! Bring the noise to the world, and kick ass and take names everywhere you perform. And, finally, the first round of beers and tequilas at the strip clubs when you get to New Orleans are on King Rhino!

Skeleton Wolf is self-released and out June 10. Pre-order it here!

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