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Skelethal: “Of The Depths…” Album Review


Skelethal: “Of The Depths…” Album Review

WTF! Ever wonder if a two-man band from France could blow your fucking socks off? Meet Skelethal. Sweet baby Jeebus, these boys are freaking monsters! Of The Depths… is one kick-ass, barn-burner of a debut.

Really? This is just TWO guys? Man, Of The Depths… is unrelenting in it’s heaviness and the sonic onslaught unleashed upon your senses. I mean, I swear there were moments where I could literally taste how heavy this album is. And, there’s some killer cover art, which is always important to King Rhino.

Skelethal. Of The Depths… . Vive la France!

Of the Depths… is out June 23 on Hells Headbangers. Pre-order it here!

Skelethal Promo Photo

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