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Skeletal Remains: “Devouring Mortality” Album Review


Skeletal Remains: “Devouring Mortality” Album Review

After being steeped in black metal for a good part of the tail end of winter, this is a welcome relief back to the death metal realm, old school style. California’s Skeletal Remains have produced a skull-crunching release, Devouring Mortality.

Immediately the music begins bludgeoning from all sides. “Ripperolgy” slices your senses open with furious riffs, of which I am somewhat reminded of Anthrax ‘s “Bring the Noise.” The title track absolutely roars, gunning ahead with no restraints. Check out the lurching screams on “Internal Detestation” and let them ricochet throughout your nerve cells.

Devouring Mortality is full of filth, fury and beloved bone crunching riffs with hints of thrash and hardcore thrown in for good measure. Skeletal Remains demand a good moshing!

Devouring Mortality is out now on Dark Descent Records. Buy it here!