Sister Sin - Now And Forever

OK, I admit it.  I grew up in the heart of the hair metal era, although my listening quickly switched to Anthrax, Metallica, Slayer and Exodus after Motley Crue (among others) teenage years.  I still do enjoy some classic metal from that era. It’s true that “you just had to be there.”

Sister Sin has a feel of some of the more “dangerous” punky bands from that era.  This Swedish metal act holds nothing back and vocalist Liv Jagrell proves she is not one to mess with and is among my new favorite female vocalists.  Now and Forever is a straight to your gut, no frills, rock n roll/metal release.  It’s aggressive, balls out, and rough around the edges.  There are romping, shouted choruses, riffs galore and enough edginess in the vocals to make you bang your head.

Jagrell offers a broken glass, punch in the throat type of attitude throughout Now and Forever.  One listen to “Fight Song” confirms she’s not afraid to let it all out!  “Pray that God forgets, I don’t!” “Hearts of Cold” and “Hang ‘Em High” are other rocking highlights. “Morning After” is the only exception to the rule here.  This sobering ballad rings of moodiness and a somber Jagrell.  She showcases her vocal talents in this beautiful song.

If you like old school Judas Priest, Accept or Iron Maiden, this entire album will please your appetite. Sister Sin have shown on Now and Forever they are a force to be reckoned with in modern day metal, even with the old school feel they exhibit.

Now and Forever is out now on Victory Records.

Rating: 4/5