SikTh, “The Future In Whose Eyes?”, New Album Released


SikTh, “The Future In Whose Eyes?”, New Album Released

SikTh, the British progressive metal band and pioneers in the scene, are back with their long-awaited new album, The Future In Whose Eyes. It was released on June 2nd via Millenium Night/Peaceville Records. After a long hiatus and unsure hope of the band getting back together, the band took short steps towards their reunion by attending Download Festival in 2014 and making it their official their reunion. In 2015 the band teased their fans with their own self-released EP, Opacities.

The Future In Whose Eyes has already been reviewed by several metal sites and the reviews are extremely promising. Goodman says himself, “There is so much depth to this album, putting one or two songs out is not a great representation, you must hear the full album to get a real taste of our evolved sound”. We shall listen to his advice and listen to the album asap – perhaps we will review it soon.

As of now, the album can be listened in Spotify, Deezer,  Apple Music and Tidal.

The band had also released a lyric video back in March for their first single “Vivid” in their new album. Check it out below!

EU Tour

The band is currently on a small EU tour with only UK and Czech Republic on the lucky dates. Dates are the following:

Jun 07: Bournemouth Sound Circus, UK
Jun 09: Download Festival, UK
Aug 09: Jaromer Brutal Assault, Czech Republic
Aug 17: Bristol ArcTanGent, UK

Purchase Album

The Future In Whose Eyes can now be purchased including some new and cool merchandise.

Europe Store: Music Glue

North American Store: Merch Connection Inc

Digital Store: Google Play, Amazon, etc