Yesterday we shared the petition that asks for one of four recently-discovered heavy metals to be named after the one and only Lemmy Kilmister, and today I found another one that I support even more! If you know me, you know I love whiskey, as did Lemmy. He was well known for drinking a bottle of Jack Daniels every day, and so we should rightfully pay tribute to him with his favorite drink combo! This new petition is to henceforth and hereafter rename the “Jack Daniels and Coke” to “A Lemmy.” It’s my go to drink at bars, and has been for years, so it’d be awesome to have the combination renamed to remember the legend! Hell, even if this doesn’t pass throughout the world, I’m still going to call it “A Lemmy!”

If you support this idea as much as I do, sign the petition today!

Oh, and someone bring me “A Lemmy” now!


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