Shitfucker: “Sex With Dead Body” Album Review


Shitfucker: “Sex With Dead Body” Album Review

Well, this takes balls the size of Alpha Centauri. You name your band Shitfucker. Your first album was titled Suck Cocks In Hell. Your new album is titled Sex With Dead Body. You have songs with names like “Serial Killer,” “Nake Came the Strangler,” “Splatter Master” and “Ricky’s Dead.” Your videos make The Dwarves, The Mentors and GG Allin look like The Backstreet Boys. And then it turns out you fucking kickass! Shitfucker are not a joke of a band. These guys fucking slay at what they do.

Hailing from Detroit, one of the greatest cities in America, a town that gave us Motown, Eminem and pre-Trumptard Kid Rock, Shitfucker are back after their 2013 debut album, Suck Cocks In Hell. And, while seven years is a pretty long time between albums, it is worth the wait. This is a sound that carries the damp stank and smell of blood and bile from a recording studio located in a combination torture chamber/sex dungeon. In a nutshell: Shitfucker are NOT shiny happy people. These are ghouls, and I mean that with much respect and recognition. These are men on a mission, and that mission is to scare the living shit out of you and sonically take a cheese grater to your brain. Dark, disturbed and demented vocals resound from the bottom of an unlisted level of Hell reserved for rapists, child molesting priests and telemarketers. Like I said, everything about Shitfucker that would make you think they are a joke or a parody are immediately dismissed the moment you realize, “Holy crap! These guys are musicians.” Yes, cupcakes, they can actually write songs and play them extremely well.

The beauty of this job is constantly being exposed to new bands and new music. And, my life is now a lot creepier and soiled having a little Shitfucker in my day.

Sex with Dead Body is out now on Hells Headbangers. Buy it here!

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