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Shining: “The Last Stand” Video Released!

Shining: "The Last Stand" Video Released!

Shining: “The Last Stand” Video Released!

After months and months of anticipation, Shining finally released “International Blackjazz Society” to the world last week, and it’s definitely a record worth checking out! As Megan said in her 5/5 review, the record is “a compilation of every genre that these masters have ever dabbled in,” and if you know their history, that’s basically every genre ever created. There is simply no other band like Shining in the scene, and “International Blackjazz Society” is easily their best album to date! Just in case the “Last Day” video from Trolltunga wasn’t enough to get you to pick up the album, we have another new video for you today! Feast your eyes on the NSFW clip for “The Last Stand” below, and be sure to pick up “International Blackjazz Society” today! Shining is in a league of their own!

Shining - Cover