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jackskellington-pumpkinPhoto credit: Fantasy Pumpkins.

Literally everyone with any sense knows that Halloween is the only good holiday. Some people might argue otherwise, but they are all Hallmark ad executives and therefore not to be trusted. Think about it. Halloween is a no-obligation holiday. You’re not expected to clutter up people’s houses with cards, flowers, or other nonsense. You are encouraged to dress silly and have fun with your friends. Halloween does not require you to hang out with distant relatives that you barely know/like. Halloween is the only holiday on the calendar that is 100% about fun — no obligatory reverence or remembrance, no prayers, no last minute trips to the pharmacy for an impersonal card for your great-aunt Sadie, JUST FUN.

Here are some fun spoooOOOOOooooOOOOoooky songs that evoke the spirit of Halloween. Enjoy!