Septicflesh - Promo - 2017

Orchestral metallers Septicflesh are only a few weeks from releasing Codex Omega, and they have issued a new track, “Enemy of Truth.” Guitarist Sotiris V. comments on the track:

In the past it was much easier for someone in a position of power to silence an “irritating” mouth. In our age, with the evolution of communication and the high speed that information can be spread to the four corners of the world, new elaborate methods are being employed. And many claim to fight in the name of truth, but essentially they fight against it… many voices making noise vs. few voices speaking clearly. Can this turn the other way around?

Codex Omega will be released September 1 on Prosthetic Records. Pre-order packages area available here. 

Septicflesh - Codex Omega Cover


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