The great SEPTICFLESH unleashed their latest masterpiece, “Titan“, last year to a great response from both fans and press around the world. The hype around the record’s release was huge, and after hearing it over and over, it exceeded every and all expectations. It’s just a MONSTER album! Since it’s release, SEPTICFLESH has been bringing the new material to their live sets, and will be returning to North America with Moonspell later this month (dates here)! Just to get you excited for the upcoming run, SEPTICFLESH has unveiled their incredible new video for “Prometheus” today via! As the press release states, “The second video clip since our formation (the first being ‘The Eldest Cosmonaut” from the album “A Fallen Temple’). The storyline revolves around the theme of transformation and crossing the thin line between predator and prey. It is something that literally brings food for thought. Provoking, disturbing, resisting, surviving the ordeal…

Enjoy the “Prometheus” clip below, and support them on the road in your city!





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