Septicflesh - Codex Omega Cover

The newest offering from the almighty Septicflesh, Codex Omega, is an album that comes at you like a tsunami of symphonic, death, progressive, and doom metals that literally hits you like a wall of sonic devastation. This is one of those records that is relentless in its approach, blasting the listener from the moment it begins.

At times coming across like a bit more polished Dimmu Borgir, Codex Omega is one hell of a finely crafted album. These guys have been honing their sound for years now and are one of the absolute best at what they do. This is quitepossibly one of the best albums, if not the best, they have ever produced. Tracks like “Dante’s Inferno,” “Enemy,” “Dark Art,” and “Trinity” are highlights.

For fans of this genre, you will be exceptionally pleased. If you’ve never really gotten into this style of metal, Septicflesh‘s Codex Omega is pretty damned good jumping-off spot.

Codex Omega is out September 1 on Prosthetic Records. Pre-order it here!

Septicflesh - Promo - 2017

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