Sectorial Stream “VYR” In Its Entirety

Ukrainian black metallers Sectorial are releasing VYR today on Noizr Productions. The album ranges from delicate (“The Observer”) to cataclysmic (“Foggy Hill”), and features an amalgam of interesting instruments, raincluding drymba/munnharpe, jouhikko, bukkehorn, flutes, duda, and trembita.

Sectorial write:

Capricious and unpredictable streams of life, violent waves and the hypnotic blue of the the universe’s depths… an element that can withstand anything that will happen on the way… a bottomless stellar sky, reflected on a calm mirrored surface that in an instant turns into an incredible dance of the wind and drops, and spins in a gigantic powerful VYR.

We are proud to deliver a stream of Sectorial‘s VYR in its entirety. Listen below, and buy the album here!

Sectorial - VYR - Promo

We Deliver!

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