Scour: Scour Album Review by Jason Z

Nice pedigree!

Scour: Scour Album Review by Jason Z

There are supergroups, and then there is Scour! Featuring Philip H. Anselmo (Pantera, Down, Superjoint Ritual, etc.), John Jarvis (Pig Destroyer), Derek Engemann (Cattle Decapitation), Chase Fraser (Continuum, Decrepit Birth) and Jesse Schobel (Strong Intention), this group has a pedigree like no other! This short, sweet, self-titled EP proves that the former Pantera frontman has the ability to take his talents to the black metal genre and fucking destroy all.

“Dispatched” is straight up black metal in the vein of old Mayhem. It’s dark, fast and melodic, and Anselmo crushes it. “Clot” follows a similar formula and the guitar work here is stellar. I have never heard the frontman sound this brutal. “Crooked” is even darker, and the musicianship married with frantic vocals proves to be the perfect combination. “Codes” resembles “Dispatched,” but it is a bit more dynamic. Again, Anselmo’s vocals sound like they are coming straight from the pit of hell! “Tactics” is an instrumental that builds a dark cloud before bursting into the finale of “Tear Gas.” This song is even darker than it’s predecessors, and it’s absolutely devastating.

This album not only shows that this group of musicians can excel in a different genre than what they normally play, but provides that they can own that genre.

Scour is out July 15 on Housecore Records. Pre-order it here!

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