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Legendary Anthrax guitarist, Scott Ian, returned to New York City last night, but with a twist. Instead of thrashing on stage with his iconic band, he stepped into the light for his highly anticipated “Spoken Word” tour, and it was well worth the wait. We heard about the success the tour had in Europe, but he finally brought it to the States, and I’m glad he did. From the start of his show to the end, he had the crowd laughing, and proved why he is one of the most liked and respected people in the heavy metal scene. Without trying to give too much away, here’s my review of his fantastic show last night.

We are used to seeing Scott with a guitar around his neck, but all he needed to entertain the crowd last night was a microphone. As he stepped on stage to a huge applause from the fans, we could all tell that this was going to be something special and unique. After a hilarious and unexpected intro, he then went on to start telling his stories that only a legend like him could have lived through and survived to tell the lucky audience. From his first meeting with his hero, Lemmy from Motorhead, to prank wars with Dimebag Darrell, he had the crowd laughing during the entire set. You could still see that, even at fifty years old, he is still the music fan that he was growing up. Just hearing the excitement in his voice from meeting Lemmy for the first time, to now calling him a friend, was a reminder that he’s lived a lucky life, and he would be the first to tell you that.


After his hilarious story telling concluded, he opened it up to question and answers with the fans, which was another highlight from the night. From being asked his favorite concerts he’s played or witnessed, to what comic book heroine he would hook up with, to if he banged Kelly Bundy, he was open and honest with the crowd, and he held nothing back. He mentioned several times about what playing Yankee Stadium with the Big Four meant to him, and from seeing that concert in the front row as I did, it made that memory even more special for me.

The show concluded with hysterical tales of who he’s been mistaken for, and while I won’t name them all, Creed was mentioned. I don’t know how that even happened, but it did, and it got one of the biggest laughs of the night. He then thanked the audience for taking a chance to see something new and different, and although he was very grateful, we all knew we were lucky to have spent the night listening to legendary tales from one of the biggest legends in our scene. It was truly a well put together, well thought out set that flew by due to the laughter, and a tour I would DEFINITELY see again!