As the whole metal world knows by now, the legendary Anthrax started recording their new album last year, and now we have an exciting update from Scott Ian! We’ve heard some material from the first studio update, plus Charlie Benante said the “really thrashy” album features “one of the fastest songs they’ve recorded in years,” but Scott Ian‘s latest statement has me more pumped for the new material than ever!

The legendary guitarist was recently interviewed on “The Sick Room” podcast(listen below), and had this to say on the band’s upcoming material: “‘Worship Music’ was a great record, and I think we have an even better record coming. We’re literally in the middle of recording it. Joey was out here singing all week, and we’re working on lead guitar right now. So we’ll just keep recording until it’s done… I don’t know… another month or two, on and off. ‘Cause we’re going out on tour here in the States and Canada. In about three weeks we leave… So we’ll be gone for five or six weeks on that. And then we’ll finish recording after that.

Even better than “Worship Music?” Wow! If anyone can live up to those big words, Anthrax can! “Worship Music” was an instant classic, and as you can tell by the “Soror Irrumator (Lords of The Rock)” track they wrote for Game Of Thrones(listen below), they definitely have the energy and sound to still bring it in 2015! GET READY!





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