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Oh hell yes! One of the most anticipated albums of 2014 is easily the new one coming from the legendary Anthrax. After the success of 2011’s instant classic, “Worship Music,” it seems almost impossible to top that record, but if anyone can do it, the guys in Anthrax can! So what’s the latest on the new music? What can we expect? Our friends over at Metal Insider recently spoke with Scott Ian about the upcoming material and the exciting excerpts are below!

On how the new Anthrax album is coming along he responded: “It’s really coming along. It’s crazy to think that we’re already in January of this year, it seems like we just finished touring in August and we said decided to start writing again. We decided not to take a break and we’re jumping right in because everyone felt we could. We’re sitting here right now with 12 songs musically arranged and really focusing on lyrics now. At the end of the month after the NAMM show is the next time we’re getting together at Jay’s studio to work on vocals. I like to think at the pace we’re going we would be ready to start recording maybe in April. I hate to ever put a stamp on something like this because you just never know. But where we’re at musically right now, this shit is just so killer. It’s not like we have that far to go. Sometimes as a band when we’re writing – and I’m sure this happens to other bands too – you could sit down and listen to where you’re at and think ‘this stuff is good, but maybe there’s too much mid tempo stuff, or we don’t really have an album opener yet.’ There are just certain ways you listen to it in the context of how are to sequence and pace it, things like that. I think we’ve got all our bases covered and we’re ready. If we come out with some better shit in the next couple of months that’s awesome, but the 12 things we have musically so far we’re really happy with. Things came together really fast for us and I think that has a lot to do with the fact that we just came off such a good run with Worship Music. We were all really excited about getting back in a room and writing songs together, and it was the first time in a really long time that we weren’t going into writing a record coming off a really shitty time (laughs). So for us to have come off such a great run with Worship Music, we were all really excited about it and I think it really shows in the music.

On how it compares to “Worship Music” he said this: “It’s hard to compare. That, to me, has always been the hardest question and it’s something I just don’t like to do because to me it’s just all Anthrax. I would just tell you anything we’ve ever done is Anthrax, so I don’t know how to compare it to Worship Music. If you liked Worship Music, you’re gonna like this. The one thing I can say is that it definitely has more thrash elements. It definitely hearkens back to more of who we were in the 80s, yet at the same time sounding like us now in present day, which is what a lot of people said about Worship Music. I think this one hits even harder and faster, more brutal with crazier riffs.

Read the full interview with Scott over at Metal Insider right now! If he’s not kidding around, and we can expect a heavier and faster and more brutal Anthrax record, then we should all get excited RIGHT NOW! Start the countdown because new Anthrax is coming this year!!!

Via Metal Insider